July 26, 2017

E08 - Space Seeds & The Tall Whites


In this episode we target two smaller, slightly related topics. First, we take a look at the life of Paul Hellyer, one of Canada's longest serving and prolific politicians with a secret to share regarding the existence of other life forms in the universe. Spoiler alert: they exist, they are tall, they are white and they walk among us.  

In part two, we keep our gaze to the stars with a look at one of Canada's more innovative attempts to get young Canadians interested in STEM and agriculture: the Canolab Project or Space Seeds program. A collaboration between the Canadian Space Agency, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a decorated Canadian astronaut and the invetor of Canola.


Toast: Eau Clair Parlour Gin (Round 2, but it's just so good!)

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