September 13, 2017

E15 - First Contact


In this episode we dig into the real issues - Rod’s love for cold brew and hate for how much companies charge for it as well as Brandon and Rod’s secret, but not so secret, man crush on Peter Mansbridge. All that in the first 5 minutes! After we clear up those mysteries, Rod get’s into the story behind the First Contact of explorers with Canada. In the early 1000s, a group of Vikings made contact with what would become our beloved Canada. Rod walks through the events leading up to the Viking voyage to what is now Newfoundland, the journey, a brief insight into the Viking’s short stay in Canada as well as what it commonly seen as the First Contact with the original inhabitants of Canada.

Toast: Canadian Rockies 21 Year Whiskey

September 6, 2017

E14 - Tojo & the Greenback


In todays episode, after a call for a new theme song, we discuss our Explicit Rating and what that means.  After a drink of cold beer and some rambling due to the extreme heatwave, we discuss two smaller topics.  First, we discuss the true inventor of the California Roll, and posit the inherant weakness of Wikipedia. In the early 1970s, Hidekazu Tojo was struggling to keep his Sushi restaurant open, until he tried to change things up with the order of ingredients in tradional nori wraps, and subsequently changed the world. 

Next, we talk about the Canadian tie to the ink that American currency is printed on. This story begins in the mid 1800's, with a quirky chemist/inventor, with an even quirkier name acocrding to Brandon. From there we are introduced to a man who may be the first patent troll, or maybe just a businessman smart enough to recognize an amazing business opportunity. 

Toast: Granville Island Brewing Company Dopelbach




In this episode, after an impromptu movie review from Rod, Brandon sheds light on a little known Leper colony on D’Arcy Island off the Coast of British Columbia, that would become home to Chinese Lepers from British Columbia and the rest of Canada. With an influx of Chinese immigration into Canada and a growing list of legislation that can only been seen as rampant discrimination against Chinese immigrants that would last for decades. The result would see a large number of Chinese immigrants, some with, some without Leprosy sent to fend for themselves on D’Arcy Island, visited a mere 4 times a year to drop off basic supplies. In this tragic story, we learn what life was like on for the Lepers of D’Arcy Island and the hardships experienced for many new Chinese immigrants to Canada.

Toast: Long Table Cucumber Gin



“If you want to speak about history, you have to acknowledge the spirits”

In part two of our discussion with Calgarian artist Terrance Houle, Terrance digs deeper into his Kainai past, traditions and cultural influence including a how his mom and grandma tricked him into becoming anglican, his own personal spiritual beliefs, how his culture influences his art, his current Ghost Days project and reconciliation through the spirits and the land. After a short diversion about music growing up and a quick lesson on dirty ojibway words, we also get into his views on colonialism, the past, opening Indigenous culture to the non-indigenous, and much much more. Once again we start this episode with the sounds of the Kainai and end with the sounds of Terrance.

Toast: Steam Works - Pale Ale

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In this episode we sit down with internationally recognized artist Terrance Houle. Terrance was born in Calgary and raised on the Great Plains of North America, a proud member of the Kainai Nation (Blood Tribe). In this casual but open conversation, Terrance opens up about being the first one in his family in over a century to be raised by his parents, not taken away and imprisoned by government policy or otherwise. Terrance graciously shares some of his Kainani cultural traditions, how his relationship with his parents difficult past has influenced his current works as an artist, his views on celebrating Canada 150, how he was tricked into being baptised and much more.  This week’s episode will also start with a Blackfoot Grass Dance suggested by Terrance and end with Terrance playing the theremin! Sit back and enjoy Part One of our interview with Terrance.

*We apologize for the sound issues, we had a microphone failure and had to switch to the back-up recording. Please power through as this interview is incredible!*

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In 1845, explorer Sir John Franklin set sail from England with two ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, in search of a Northwest Passage. The ships and crews vanished. Their remains found eventually scattered across the Canadian North. In this podcast, we explore the harrowing journey these brave souls volunteered for in the hopes of fame and glory. In particular, we focus in on the often ignored HMS Terror and its more seasoned Captain Crozier. 

The Toast: Ironworks Bluenose Rum, Nova Scotia



August 2, 2017

E09 - Canadian Monsters


Canada is full of stories and encounters with ghosts, ghouls and monsters. This week, we start a new series that explores the legend and lore behind some of Canada's famous monsters. Monsters you may have heard of, monsters you may not have but certainly monsters that could be lurking in your backyard. Enjoy!

Toast: Crown Royal Northern Harvest Rye


In this episode we target two smaller, slightly related topics. First, we take a look at the life of Paul Hellyer, one of Canada's longest serving and prolific politicians with a secret to share regarding the existence of other life forms in the universe. Spoiler alert: they exist, they are tall, they are white and they walk among us.  

In part two, we keep our gaze to the stars with a look at one of Canada's more innovative attempts to get young Canadians interested in STEM and agriculture: the Canolab Project or Space Seeds program. A collaboration between the Canadian Space Agency, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, a decorated Canadian astronaut and the invetor of Canola.


Toast: Eau Clair Parlour Gin (Round 2, but it's just so good!)

July 19, 2017

E07 - Quarantined


Between 1832 and 1937, Canada experienced a rapidly increasing influx of European immigrants fleeing famine, war and disease. One of the most popular destinations was Quebec City. Merchant ships jumped at the opportunity to fill their empty ships with passengers on the westerly Atlantic crossings. In order to prevent the spread of disease into the country, a quarantine station was set up on Grosse île for the port of Québec. During this time, the island was the main point of entry for immigrants coming to Canada and witness to one of the greatest tragedies this country has ever seen. During what became known as the 1847 Crisis thousands of hopeful immigrants, mostly from Ireland, lost their lives in quarantine and on the treacherous journey to a better life.

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A high level German Military Commander parachutes into Scotland in 1942, with the hopes of ending WW2. A secret meeting in 1951 Quebec between the CIA, FBI, various other intelligence agencies, and many of the worlds top psychiatrists. A study in 1952 at McGill that involved isolation therapy in its infancy.  A much darker experiment continued in the late 60’s through the 70s under control of a doctor best termed as the Beast of Bridge of Allen.  This story starts in the midst of WW2, and continues to the early 1980’s, as those who unwillingly participated in the ghastly experiments conducted at McGill try to make sense of the new world they have been forced to live in. And a fascinating link to Leonard Cohen.  Join us as we discuss the MK Ultra experiments done at Montreal's McGill University.

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