July 12, 2017

E06 - MK ULTRA & the McGill Experiments


A high level German Military Commander parachutes into Scotland in 1942, with the hopes of ending WW2. A secret meeting in 1951 Quebec between the CIA, FBI, various other intelligence agencies, and many of the worlds top psychiatrists. A study in 1952 at McGill that involved isolation therapy in its infancy.  A much darker experiment continued in the late 60’s through the 70s under control of a doctor best termed as the Beast of Bridge of Allen.  This story starts in the midst of WW2, and continues to the early 1980’s, as those who unwillingly participated in the ghastly experiments conducted at McGill try to make sense of the new world they have been forced to live in. And a fascinating link to Leonard Cohen.  Join us as we discuss the MK Ultra experiments done at Montreal's McGill University.

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